Room Parent

At Latin American School (LAS), we strongly believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment that involves the active participation of parents. As part of this commitment, we encourage parents to sign up and serve as room parents to assist teachers in the classroom. This policy outlines the duties and responsibilities of room parents, highlighting their crucial role in setting a positive example for students and gaining a better understanding of the learning environment to support their own children’s success at school.

  1. Room Parent Responsibilities:

a. Before Class Starts: i. Arrive before class starts to assist the teacher with classroom setup, ensuring a conducive learning environment for students. ii. Help usher students into the classroom, aiding them in getting settled and ready for class. iii. Mute your phone and put it away to minimize distractions during class time.

b. During Class: i. Collect homework assignments and assist the teacher in grading them, as needed. ii. Support the teacher with classroom activities, such as organizing materials, distributing resources, or supervising group work. iii. Monitor all students to ensure a focused and respectful learning environment, actively addressing any disruptive behavior. iv. Guide younger students to and from the bathrooms, providing assistance and supervision as necessary. v. Set a good example by being a model parent in the class, demonstrating respect, cooperation, and active engagement in the learning process.

c. After Class: i. Help the teacher put chairs and desks back to their original order, restoring the classroom layout. ii. Tidy up the classroom, picking up trash and ensuring it is properly disposed of in the trash bin.

  1. Parental Engagement and Learning Environment:

a. Serving as a room parent provides parents with the opportunity to actively engage in the learning environment, gaining firsthand experience of the classroom dynamics and teaching methods.

b. By participating as room parents, parents gain a better understanding of the educational setting, enabling them to provide more effective support and guidance to their own children’s academic journey.

c. Room parents serve as role models for students, showcasing the importance of parental involvement, collaboration, and active participation in the learning process.

We appreciate the commitment and dedication of our parents in fulfilling their duties as room parents. Your active engagement not only supports the teacher and classroom activities but also creates a positive and enriched learning environment for all students at LAS.

We value your partnership and encourage you to embrace the opportunity to serve as room parents throughout the school year. Your involvement and dedication contribute to the success and well-being of our students and the overall LAS community.

Thank you for your continued support and active participation as room parents.