Teacher Rules

Teacher Rules at Latin American School

These rules apply to all teachers at Latin American School, and adherence to them is essential for maintaining a positive and professional teaching environment.

  1. Familiarity with School Policies: a. Be familiar with and follow all school policies and rules. b. While at school, do not engage in activities unrelated to teaching or the school without written permission from the school administration.
  2. Timeliness and Absences: a. Start class on time and end class on time. b. Report planned absences to the Director at least one week in advance and assist in ensuring a smooth transition of work with the substitute teacher. c. Sign in at the school lobby 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time and be in the classroom 10 minutes prior to get ready. In case of emergency situations that prevent timely arrival, notify the Director before class starts.
  3. Student Admittance: a. Admit students to your class according to the school registration list. Do not change classes or student assignments without proper authorization.
  4. Classroom Management: a. Maintain classroom order and advise students about school rules. b. Keep the classroom clean and organized, ensuring that unauthorized equipment and materials are not moved, used, or damaged.
  5. Student Attendance: a. Record student attendance, including marking tardiness, early departures, and absences. b. If a student is absent for two consecutive weeks, report to both the parents and the Directors. c. At the end of each semester, submit the student attendance sheet to the Director. d. Substitute teachers must also record student attendance and provide the attendance records to the classroom teacher promptly.
  6. Professional Conduct and Communication: a. Maintain professionalism in conduct and language, taking care of the students and respecting both students and parents. b. Communicate regularly with parents, seeking their support to achieve teaching goals. Report any problems with students or teaching activities to the Director, as necessary.
  7. Parent Communication: a. At the beginning of each semester, communicate teaching plans and requirements with parents. b. Follow up with parents weekly via email regarding teaching content, homework, and student attendance status. c. At the end of each semester, provide parents with a summary of student attendance and achievements.
  8. Preparation and Teaching: a. Prepare for each class in advance and teach with full attention. b. Ensure that each teaching session has a clear purpose and plan. c. Be flexible in teaching methods to accommodate the needs of students.
  9. Professional Development: a. Attend teachers’ meetings, training sessions, and school activities. b. Gather and accumulate teaching materials to improve teaching quality.
  10. School Engagement: a. Keep up with school news by subscribing to the school newsletter and checking weekly updates. b. Encourage and organize student participation in school contests and activities.
  11. Support and Contribution: a. Support school operations and assist in communicating and enforcing school policies and rules. b. Contribute to the overall success of the school through active participation and dedication.
  12. Resignation: a. If you need to resign from teaching, provide a two-month advance written notice to the Director and cooperate in transitioning work responsibilities.

By following these rules, teachers at Latin American School contribute to maintaining a positive, structured, and effective learning environment, fostering the academic growth and well-being of all students.