Lunch Policy

At Latin American School (LAS), we understand the importance of providing students with a nutritious and enjoyable mealtime experience. To ensure the well-being and safety of all students, we have established the following policy regarding bringing lunch to school:

  1. Lunch Options: a. Students have the option to bring their own lunch from home or participate in the school’s lunch program, if available. b. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a balanced and healthy meal for their child if they choose to bring lunch from home.
  2. Nutritional Guidelines: a. We encourage parents/guardians to prioritize nutritious food choices when preparing their child’s lunch. b. Meals should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products to promote a well-rounded diet. c. Avoid including excessive amounts of sugary snacks, candies, sodas, or other unhealthy food and beverages.
  3. Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: a. Parents/guardians must inform the school administration of any food allergies or dietary restrictions their child may have. b. We strive to create a safe environment for students with allergies or dietary restrictions and request the cooperation of all parents/guardians in adhering to specific guidelines.
  4. Food Safety: a. All packed lunches must be stored in appropriate containers that maintain the desired temperature and ensure food safety. b. Parents/guardians should use insulated lunch bags or containers with ice packs to keep perishable food items fresh and safe. c. Students should be aware of basic food safety practices, such as washing hands before and after handling food and not sharing food items.
  5. Sharing of Food: a. Students are encouraged not to share their food with others to prevent potential allergic reactions, cross-contamination, or the spread of foodborne illnesses.
  6. Communication with School: a. Parents/guardians should notify the school administration in advance if there are any changes to their child’s lunch routine or if they plan to bring lunch for special occasions. b. The school administration may communicate with parents/guardians regarding any concerns related to the content or quality of packed lunches.
  7. Supervision and Assistance: a. Students are responsible for managing their lunchtime routine, including opening containers and consuming their meal independently. b. Younger students may receive assistance from teachers or designated staff members to ensure their safety and promote a positive lunchtime experience.
  8. Lunchtime Environment: a. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner during lunchtime, adhering to the school’s code of conduct and showing consideration for others. b. Students should clean up after themselves, properly disposing of any food waste or packaging in designated receptacles.

By adhering to this lunch policy, we aim to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive lunchtime experience for all students at Latin American School. We appreciate your cooperation in supporting these guidelines and promoting a positive food culture within our school community.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact the school administration.