Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy at Latin American School

Policy Statement:

The Latin American School (LAS) is dedicated to providing high-quality education and ensuring a fair and transparent enrollment process. This policy outlines the procedures, terms, and conditions related to enrollment, including non-refundable payments, cancellation due to inclement weather, and other relevant considerations.

Policy Details:

Enrollment Process:
a. To enroll a student at LAS, parents or guardians must complete the designated enrollment form provided by the school. The enrollment form should include all required information and any supporting documents requested by LAS.

b. Enrollment is subject to availability, as spaces may be limited in certain programs or grade levels. Admissions decisions will be made based on a variety of factors, including program capacity, adherence to eligibility criteria, and completion of necessary paperwork.

c. The completion and submission of an enrollment form does not guarantee automatic acceptance into LAS. Final admission is contingent upon the completion of the enrollment process, including the payment of any applicable fees or tuition.

Non-Refundable Payments:
a. Upon acceptance of enrollment, parents or guardians are required to make non-refundable payments as outlined in the LAS fee structure and schedule. These payments may include registration fees, activity fees, tuition deposits, or other charges deemed necessary for enrollment.

b. Non-refundable payments are non-transferable and cannot be refunded under any circumstances, regardless of whether the student attends LAS or withdraws from the program.

Tuition and Fee Obligations:
a. Parents or guardians are responsible for fulfilling their financial obligations in accordance with the agreed-upon tuition and fee schedule provided by LAS. Payment terms and due dates will be communicated in advance.

b. Failure to meet payment obligations may result in enrollment suspension or withdrawal of the student from LAS.

Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather:
a. LAS reserves the right to cancel classes or activities in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances that may compromise the safety or well-being of students and staff.

b. In cases of weather-related cancellations, LAS will make reasonable efforts to notify parents or guardians in a timely manner through established communication channels (e.g., email, phone, website, social media).

c. Canceled classes or activities due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled, and no refund or credit will be provided for missed sessions.

Withdrawal Policy:
a. Should parents or guardians wish to withdraw their child from LAS after enrollment, they must provide written notice to the school office. The notice period for withdrawal and any associated procedures will be outlined in the LAS withdrawal policy.

b. Withdrawal from LAS does not exempt parents or guardians from their financial obligations, including any outstanding tuition or fees owed up to the date of withdrawal.

Policy Review:

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness, relevance, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. Any necessary updates or modifications will be made in accordance with LAS’s commitment to providing a fair and transparent enrollment process.

By enrolling a student at LAS, parents or guardians acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the Enrollment Policy.